B.A. Tamilology

The B.A.Tamilology programme is designed to give students, the academic and technical skills in broad areas. The programme combines the precise training in methods of teaching Tamil Language and practice with the Literature and applied Tamil Language. It teaches students a wide range of knowledge and skills that are valuable for careers in government schools, private schools, Universities and Media related organizations.

Program Aim

The primary aims of the programme are:

  • Nurture future teachers who are responsive to the needs of teaching and learning Tamil.
  • Develop students to be competent individuals, equipped with language proficiency and other necessary skills to teach Tamil effectively.
  • Cultivate students to become responsible individuals with integrated personality who can act as role models in reporting, writing, stage performing to the future generation.

Career Opportunities

The B.A.Tamilology is in high demand for employers in a variety of Tamil Language such as teaching and Media. It provides students with thorough knowledge of Tamil Language by equipping the students with a detailed understanding and skill that is applicable to the workplace and beneficial to the graduate. Possible career options are:

  • University or College Lecturer
  • High School Teacher
    · Resource person for any Tamil language Skill development program
    · Editor or Sub Editor Newspapers
    · Journalist
    · Writer




CodeSubject Name 
P101சிறுகதையும் புதினமும் 
C011இருபதாம் நூற்றாண்டுக் கவிஞர் இருவர் 
C012இடைக்கால இலக்கியம் 
P102உரைநடையும் நாடகமும் 
P202 சமயத்தமிழ் இலக்கியம் 
C021இலக்கணம் – 1 (எழுத்து) 
C031தமிழகப் பண்பாட்டு வரலாறு 
P103இக்காலக் கவிதையும் சிற்றிலக்கியமும் 
A011காப்பிய இலக்கியம் 
A021இலக்கணம் – 2 (சொல்) 
A031 தமிழக வரலாறு 
P104காப்பியங்களும் சங்க இலக்கியமும் 
A041இலக்கிய வரலாறு 
A051மொழி வரலாறு – 1 
D011பண்டைய இலக்கியம் 
D021இலக்கணம் – 3 (பொருள்) 
D031இலக்கணம் – 4 (யாப்பு, அணி) 
D041மொழி வரலாறு – 2 
D051தமிழகக் கலைகள் 
D061இலக்கியத் திறனாய்வு 


Entry Requirements

3 Passes in G.C.E. (A/L) Examination


Successfully Completed Higher Certificate in Tamil (Level HG30)


Course Details

Duration                  : 3 Years

Intakes                     : January, June

Lectures                  : Week days or Week end days

Awarding body      : Tanjavur Tamil University, India








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